Texas A&M University AgriLife – Operational & Organizational Review


Texas A&M University AgriLife hired MGT to perform an organizational and operational review of the marketing and communications function within AgriLife, an organization comprising numerous college departments, statewide agricultural extension services, research centers, institutes, and laboratories.  MGT examined the current state of the marketing and communications function across these organizations, which traditionally have operated independently, and recommended AgriLife centralize the function under a modern marketing organizational structure charged with championing AgriLife’s strategic goals.  MGT conducted more than 50 stakeholder interviews, surveyed all current marketing and communications staff, and met with 10 peer institutions to assimilate best practices.  MGT delivered the study, including a proposed implementation plan, under an accelerated 60-day schedule and advised on various measures to elevate the AgriLife brand via a more efficient organizational structure.

Publish Date

Posted on July 27, 2020


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