This year’s Leadership Summit and all-employee State of the Journey Town Hall were exciting events that have set us up for the amazing progress we believe this company will make in the year ahead. We are pushing forward in Mission Elevate together.

To revisit the memories and experience the energy of this amazing company, browse through this page. Also, be sure to check out the exciting new team and career tool that we introduced at the Summit and will soon be a fun and useful part of your life too. And be re-inspired by a video of our Town Hall guest speaker, Admiral Eric Olson, sharing his wisdom about the best ways to build small teams that are capable of changing the world.

Also, during our two-day Summit, all twelve practice areas of MGT Consulting and Strategos Group delivered pitch presentations filled with material demonstrating their services, challenges and initiatives (as well as personalities, in some cases).

Please note the pitches contain company information that is HIGHLY CONFIDENTIAL, only to be shared with employees of MGT Consulting Group and Strategos.

MGT Recess With A Purpose

The MGT Team Gives Back

MGT’s purpose, as stated in our Journey of Meaning, is “to power the work of the public professional in order to advance the lives of the citizens they serve.” It is a purpose with social responsibility at its core.

To live our purpose in an authentic way, we as a company must put social responsibility at the core of our culture. We’ve made a commitment together to do so.

For last year’s Summit in Chicago, our Executive Vice President of Finance and Accounting, Louise Lopez, made a great suggestion for a team building program that also benefitted the local community. The Bike-a-thon was a huge success. Our teams worked hard, blending members’ individual strengths and skills to win bike parts and bike-building tools. The resulting bicycles were distributed to local children in need.

That program inspired us to make a commitment to include service projects in all our major meetings, so we’re not the only ones to benefit from these events. This year, we spent our “recess” between meetings filling school back packs and we had a lot of fun doing it.

Six groups competed in team-building contests to earn school supplies for donation to local school children who might otherwise be unable to afford them.

The children attend the Collaboratory Preparatory Academy – a tuition-free, non-profit charter school located on a 160-acre, nature-filled campus in Tampa, Florida.

The vision of The Collaboratory is to create a place where students thrive in a supportive and challenging environment that develops character driven, culturally literate, life-long learners who bring value to their community. Students have a wide variety of aptitudes and learning styles that cannot always be maximized by the traditional classroom setting. The Collaboratory was created to ensure that students in a low socioeconomic area would have the opportunity to go to school in a place that speaks to their personal learning style and prepares its students for high school, college and the workforce.

MGT is proud to support the mission of this dedicated and conscientious educational institution.

2018 State of the Journey Town Hall – Guest Speaker Admiral Olson

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